Should I Use Templates in My Real Estate Business?

Should I use templates in my real estate business? Absolutely! Flyer templates are the best way create professional marketing for your listing(s). It doesn’t matter if you are brand new agent or a seasoned agent; templates have a clear advantage and are the MUST HAVE tool in your real estate business. Here is why:

They make you look professional. Appearance is everything in the real estate business. People continue to do business with successful people (or at least people that appear to be successful). If you are just starting, or want to improve your professional image, using professionally made real estate flyer is the best, easiest, and most cost effective way to achieve that goal.

They’re the best bang for your buck. If there was one best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ it would be to buy templates of all types. Why? Because they are re-usable! The more you use them, the more you save. Take for example, you use a graphic designer to make your marketing. He/She probably charges $50-$100 per listing. You probably list 10 homes a year. That’s $500-$1000 in designer fees! A typical template package can range anywhere from $50 to $200+. The more expensive templates are usually the better quality and better buy. Here is why: let’s take that same 10 listings. How much did the flyers cost you now? At most $20 per listing; next year… how much did they cost you? $2 per listing… as you can see, it get cheaper each time you use them.

You can make the flyer before the listing box goes up! The biggest benefit to using templates is that 90% of all the hard work has been done for you. The biggest time-killer is actually designing and adding graphics to the flyer. Well, templates are already pre-designed for you. Your job is to add the property information and photos. That’s it! What’s easier than that? Creating an impressive listing flyer takes literally 5 minutes or less. In theory, by the time your client signs the listing agreement, you’ll have flyers ready go.

Templates are the best, easiest, and most efficient tool for real estate agents, Realtors, and brokers. Whether it’s real estate listing flyer templates, contract templates, or website templates, using templates gives you that ‘short-cut’ for establishing a thriving real estate business. They make you look good, they’re fast and easy to setup and use, and best of all, they’re the best bang for your buck!